Through the combination of our many facilities, prolific artisans and creative designers, as well as our in house team of photographers, models and make up artists, we are here to cater for our clients where ever we can.

Studio One –
The Barrel

Studio One is self contained and hosts the first of its kind Full Spectrum Infinity Tube. This innovative design allows for a horizontal and vertical 180 shot to capture seamless, uninterrupted images.

The makeup and prep area are within arms length of the shooting space to allow for fast paced, highly productive sessions, perfect for e-commerce and portfolio work, with optional natural light.

- Full Spectrum Infinity Tube
- Communal Facilities
- Equipment Hire
- Facilities

Studio Two –
The Wave

Studio Two is our large open plan film and photography studio with lots of optional natural light and a large infinity wall, with opposing green screen which is also optional.

With easy access via accommodating service lift and large open space for sets and props this allows for wide angles and great depth for different themed shoots. Studio two also comes with a beautiful changing room and make up area which also has wonderful natural light.

An exclusive feature offered with studio two is our creative consultancy room which doubles up as a hub for the heads of the session to plan and organise, which contains on wall screen that . Both studios have high speed wifi