The story of light,
from source to shadow,
is wonderfully cast.

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Creative film & photography studio.

The story of light, from source to shadow, is wonderfully cast

Welcome to Spectrum Studios


Our Manchester based film and photography studio. based within the heart of Ancoats, at our industrial warehouse fashioned with contemporary style. We’ve been perfecting photography studios in Manchester for the past 6 years, now we bring you our greatest project yet.

Everything bespoke, designed and made by hand, Spectrum Studios is the first of its kind.

We began as artists and writers, in a bid for independence we built the space where we could showcase new stories, and help create new scenes.On our journey we have had the pleasure of collaborating with performing artists, working creatives, uk streetwear and fashion brands. a home to Manchester art exhibitions and book launches as well as uk film screenings and product launches.

As we specalise in video producion and commercial photography, we know how important access is for our clients and so keep our studio available to hire 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Ever growing and improving we invite you to explore our studio, and we’re ready to work with you on creating the next great story!

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